Carter Web Development

Web Developer

Who am I?

In a very simple sense, I design and build websites. I take ideas, problems, and desires then craft a solution catering to each individual person or company I work with. From simple single page sites to thousand page e-commerce sites and everything in between.

Web Development Languages


The HTML code I write is semantic, SEO friendly, and most importantly, beautiful. I primarily use Bootstrap as a framework to produce responsive, mobile first sites. It is now more important than ever to ensure content can be accessed on a huge range of devices.


What an ugly web we would have without CSS. My CSS is well organized and properly annotated. On larger projects multiple CSS files, paired with a indexing system ensures whom ever is working on it wastes no time, and is never lost. I am currently using Sass as my preprocessor.


I focus primarily on JavaScript, easily my favorite language. The potential of JavaScript is huge through the MEAN stack, and is most likely the future of web development. There is always something new to learn and it seems I will spend many more years mastering JavaScript.


By no means an expert, however, I am learning at a quick rate through WordPress's structure. Tearing down and building up themes for client's custom needs. The added challenge of a 'real' programming language is fantastic. PHP allows me to scratch my learning itch.


My choice for any type of interactive content. A well established and supported library coupled with ease of use and speed of development.

Ruby on Rails

Now half way through Bitmaker Lab's web development program, I have built many full fledged rails applications I am proud of. See some of them on my Work page.

Web Design Tools

Just a few of my favorites

Sublime Text/Atom

My text editor of choice was Sublime Text 3. It is obviously the industry standard and for good reason. However, I've recently tried Atom just for a bit of variety and I am really enjoying it.


I use Git as my version control system. Operating from the command line, projects I am working on are held centrally at GitHub and can be accessed by anyone. A powerful tool and community no web developer should be without.


I use the command line to navigate my operating system as it is more efficient than the GUI. Everything from creating directories, pushing to git, or running a local node server.


I use bootstrap as a framework to produce mobile friendly, responsive web products. I find this grid system to be the easiest to use and fastest to produce with.


I use Homebrew to install any tools to my machine. I also use it to keep everything I use up to date. Easy and painless.

Chrome DevTools

Hardly is there ever a time when I don't have DevTools open. Weather I'm inspecting my own work and attempting to rectify a bug, or I'm curiously inspecting an interesting site I found.

Operating Systems

Currently using all three


5+ years experience


15+ years experience


Learning and exploring