About Me

My personal life

Hi. You've reached my personal information page of this website. This is a bit more about who I am as a person. My interests, hobbies, and life outside of web development.

I am a large advocate for community and the people around you which motivated my move to the smaller town of Galt in Cambridge, ON. I love the outdoors, nature, the country and don't understand how someone could live in a city like NY. I'd quicker grab my bike and go for a ride through some trees than suffer through a subway ride in the urban jungle (which I did everyday during high school). I also love dogs and frequently volunteer to dog sit for any friend who mentions a trip out of town. As soon as I am more secure in a permanent residence and feel comfortable with the responsibility I will have more than one furry friend.

I used to play badminton competitively. Then moved on to rugby, however the injuries were causing me to miss work so I had to find a safer sport. Currently I am mountain biking and power lifting to give my body a rest from sitting at a computer 8 hours at a time.